Lo Que Somos

Joining the blog game late in my twenties since the rest of this decade has been spent figuring out how to communicate with myself. Now we’ve learned how to be friends, we can attempt external communication. With 6 months left before entering the oh so coveted 30s, we’ve decided its time to learn how to squeeze the juice out of our thoughts and serve it to the world. Not to be rated, heard, or noticed, just to acknowledge control has never and will never be ours. We’re becoming the mother our thoughts need, and finally letting them grow into words, released into the world, watching them become their own: responsible for their inception, expectant of their ultimate independence.

There is no theme to this blog. The only goal is to grow our words. Water them with time and perspective. Fertilize their soil with experience and dreams. Meet the different voices and give them names. Scattered is putting it nicely, compartmentalized is the proper psychological term. We’re a lot of things and take on new forms everyday with each new experience, but linear will likely never describe us. If you’re reading, its appreciated, but take us with a grain of salt. Many grains of salt. This one thing we have for you: if we can love our self, esperamos que esos sentimientos se comuniquen así mismo a usted.